Chilliman Legend

Chilliman Legend

Is there a Louie L’Amour or Larry McMurtry lurking in you? If there is (or even if there isn’t) this is the place to post your version of the “Chilliman Legend” . You can put it in the form of a short story, use iambic pentameter (impressive huh?) or even a limerick. And like any contribution you make to our pages that gets put on the site, we’ll send you a nice Chilli Man Chili “something”. Just compose your "Legend of Chilliman" using the form at the end of this page and click "Submit".

This version of the legend comes from Mark Stevens,
who’s been eating Chilli Man chili since he was
a youngster growing up in Godfrey, Ill.

He came out of nowhere
that fateful day,
Where he really came from
he never did say.
Some said north from the
town of Milwaukee
Others said he was
a tough customer from the
great state of Missouri.

We were in the middle of that cattle drive onto Abiliene
It was late, the men were hungry, they were getting mean.
“Come and get it”, the wagon cook cried
I was so hungry I would of settled for a piece of rawhide.
I was first in line but felt a sense of dread,
Then I saw the menu, beans again, and bread.
“It’s inhumane”, I cried
“Plain old beans again with bread on the side.”

Then He Came
He rode a big white horse and the wind began to blow
The stranger came into camp and said, “I’ll run this show.”
He opened his coat as if to reveal a gun
But out came cooking utensils one by one.
He flashed a silver ladle up into the air
Up came a wagon appearing out of nowhere.
It was a metal wagon with pots all ablaze
“Try some of this grub”, he said, “for a few days.”
The bowls passed ‘round and the men began to eat,
It was savory with spices, beans and juicy bits of meat.
We filled our bellies full and slept peacefully ‘til dawn
When we woke up the stranger was gone.
We hollered after him, our voices echoed off the land
All we heard was a returning whisper,
Chilliman, Chilliman, Chilliman.

When we got to Abiliene we found that he had been there as well
The legend of Chilliman was beginning to swell.
That’s how I remember it and there was no more bread and plain beans,
It was Chilli Man chili on those drives to Abiliene.

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