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If you believe what you read, we’ve supposedly got more leisure time in the U.S. than we’ve ever had in our history. I don’t know where you work but sometimes I feel like somebody ran off with my weekend and Friday just rolled right into Monday. However, for those of you who can’t find enough to keep yourselves busy when you’re out of harness, we hope this area will give you some ideas.

Chili Parlor

Chili Parlor

We’ve set aside a place where you can come in, have a bowl of Chilli Man chili, a frosted mug of your favorite brew and just hang out for awhile. The CHILI PARLOR is where we’ll hold forth on anything we think might interest you. We might review books or movies, tell you about the best cigars we’ve found, or clue you in on where to catch the finest powder of the ski season or the best adult beverage to watch your favorite sport with. The parlor’s open 24 hrs. a day and you never know what kind of gas is gonna need airing.

Take a look at the menu, pick out
something that sounds good and have at it.


A Day
at the Races

Raise Your Cigar
Knowledge Quotient

The Final Four:
Through the Years

Name That
Beer Bottle
Appetizer: To Air is Human

Appetizer: Guess the Ballplayer

Appetizer: The Yogi Book

Entree: Origins of Baseball

Entree: What Makes That Baseball Fly?

Entree: The Black Sox Scandal

Dessert: July '98 Cigars

Drinks: Beer Festivals

Drinks: The Lemp Brewery

Drinks: Home Brewing

Drinks: Beer Buyer Beware